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Please download this package first!

If you have any problems with starting the game, the please download the run time package see below:


You shouldn't need to though as I have included the RTP Files with the download. You won't need anything extra to run the game program.

Any game pad can be used, keyboard friendly also.

Heavens Heroes is a fantasy adventure RPG, well balanced with some original content and story. You'll have a 20 minute demo to do anything you like, explore, play the story or just listen to the music. :)

Please rate the game if you enjoyed playing.

Give me a shout if you have any problems.

Fishing Tutorial.

Official Discord for help and support. 




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Heavens Heroes Starter Guide..txt 5 kB
Heavens Heroes Unitev v1.exe 466 MB

Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Donation Angels!

Become part of the donation Angels and receive a gift on the full release of Heavens Heroes.

The total amount equates to $300

Once this level is smashed you'll all receive one prize on the next given update!

A total donation reward means a huge in game gift for everyone who plays.

A community reward that 1 person can smash or loads of you!

Friends of Unite Accessory +500Hp 40atk 40def40agi 40Mag HP and TP Recovery. A gift which will be received right from the beginning of the game, or claimable from my NPC in the Chapter select screen.

Make an NPC for everyone to see! - Tier 1 reward! 10 Slots available!

Bring your own NPC!

For the first 10 Donators that make a helpful minimum of $3 or more I will add a custom NPC with a name of your choosing and title. For example. Dennis, The Store Keeper - Sells weapons and items. You're new shop keeper will be bundled in to a future patch, and possibly have a quest or two to boot! Go as wild as you like and I'll do my best to throw in some twists! You'll need message me as soon as you donate with the following information.

Please include.

Name of NPC:


What I would like from the NPC:

Traits - Green hair, Orange Beard, Charming, Wears underwear only!

Your NPC will be featured with the last day of months release so everyone knows that your NPC is joining the world!

In the even all 10 NPC's are created you'll also receive:

I'll make a super sweet desktop background with all the NPC's on there (Each one custom made) With the very first donators NPC highlighted in Gold!


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Currently converting the game in to a higher resolution, this will mean some massive edits of each graphic I have used for HUD display and picture events, It's going to be painstaking.

Thank you for visiting.

There was a major issue reported as music was missing, this was due to me installing my music in to the rtp folder at the last minute. Please download the new version with all the included music and sounds I created. (Except a few which were from a pack I purchased.) Enjoy!

I've released the demo today. Please let me know of any issues you may have when playing.

Improvements are going well, it's just a matter of work which is taking some further time.

Still making many improvements. I hope to bring the demo in this month. 

There isn't a date set for the demo. February would be a realistic time for the demo release.  More on that very soon.

Added new screenshots today. More news soon! Have a positive New Year!

I'll do my best to add some new screenshots of the changes. Thanks for viewing.