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The custom music of Heavens Heroes: Unite.

The above trailer is out of date by 3 months with how Heavens Heroes has progressed! Maps, content and features had increased greatly.

Creator online: I'm available for help and aim to reply within 12 hours.

News: 3rd August, the new updated version had arrived. For the list of updates and changes see down below.

Thank you so much for joining! Next update schedule is end of August. 

New locations with new monsters, surprises and story are on the way.

Survival gear not included!

You may re-map the buttons by pressing F1

Movement- W,A,S,D or Controller D Pad.

Action - Enter Key or A on Control Pad

Menu. Escape key or Start button

Recovery Mode- Hold Q on keyboard or Select Button

Quest Tracker and Extra Menu - Hold A on keyboard or Hold Y on Control Pad

Best played with a control pad.

Make sure to make extra saves.

Drinks and snacks optional

Downloads are free with the option to donate.

Game Includes:

Story mode: 2 hours of well written story which grows with each update. 

Charector creation. Customise your music, Windows and change your outfits. 

Game-play: Battling, crafting and exploring are all in there as well as Npc mini games, quests and jobs. You'll find the game evolves with each chapter to keep you surprised and engaged. 

More to come with each new update. 

About the game.

Heavens Heroes: Unite, has all the elements of a good RPG experience with a range of surprises in store.  Experience a story, rich with detail plot events while you spend you time making new friends, growing from your many battles and visiting many memorable locations.  It's a huge undertaking for myself and if you would love to see it grow further, then donate or leave a word of encouragement.

Now get cracking! Downloads are below, so get down and download and play loads!

Heavens Heroes is still in beta, and growing each month as I dedicate as much time as possible in to learning, writing and making new content. Donations will go towards Heavens Heroes improvements such as new tilesets, music tools and bonuses for everyone who plays!

The font Nyala is required to view the text properly as it was written, or you can download the Alt Font version which works on Windows 10 without needing to download the font which came with Windows 7.





Heavens Heroes is a work in progress which started close to 4 years ago! A passion project that I spent so many hours learning how to use RPG Maker VX ACE, writing, designing and more. I came to Itch.io in January this year and even though this is not a full game, and has no ending as of yet, each month, new content is delicately added, story, music, adventures and much more.

I've tried as hard as I can and doing much to make this RPG Maker shine a little from the classically awesome game-maker.

Thank you for making it this far down the page. Give Heavens Heroes a download and just enjoy it for what it is so far. Give me a shout for any help or advice on game making!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Bugs and Stuff.txt 584 bytes
Heavens Heroes Unitev v1.4exe 339 MB
Heavens Heroes Pack 1.0.txt 4 kB

Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Total Donation Reward Tier Boss 1!

Defeat this low level boss by donating at least 25c minimum!

The total amount equates to $10

Once this level is smashed you'll all receive one prize on the next given update!

A total donation reward means a huge in game gift for everyone who plays.

A community reward that 1 person can smash or loads of you!

Friends of Unite Accessory +500Hp 40atk 40def40agi 40Mag HP and TP Recovery. A gift which will be received right from the beginning of the game, or claimable from my NPC in the Chapter select screen.

Make an NPC for everyone to see! - Tier 1 reward! 10 Slots available!

Bring your own NPC!

For the first 10 Donators that make a helpful minimum of $1 or more I will add a custom NPC with a name of your choosing and title. For example. Dennis, The Store Keeper - Sells weapons and items. You're new shop keeper will be bundled in to a future patch, and possibly have a quest or two to boot! Go as wild as you like and I'll do my best to throw in some twists! You'll need message me as soon as you donate with the following information.

Name of NPC:


What I would like from the NPC:

Traits - Green hair, Orange Beard, Charming, Wears underwear only!

Your NPC will be featured with the last day of months release so everyone knows that your NPC is joining the world!

In the even all 10 NPC's are created you'll also receive:

I'll make a super sweet desktop background with all the NPC's on there (Each one custom made) With the very first donators NPC highlighted in Gold!

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The new update is looking like it will be August 31st. I've made sure to give myself enough room to get everything done so you don't have to wait any longer then planned. Stay good.

I'm here today for any questions or support. Have a good one.

Please leave any questions here, I'm available for support all day today and working on new content for Heavens Heroes.

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Thank you so much to the player who donated 2 dollars! Please enjoy Heavens Heroes and the great new updates and story on the way. 

At the final hurdle of the update progress. I'll do my best to have this out for tomorrow.

I really am sorry for the late update. I really appreciate your understanding so I can be sure you have a great addition of content with no problems.

Thanks for viewing, I really hope that you are good. At the moment I am carefully trying not to spoil the future update, so it's really taking some thought process to make sure it all fits together. This update could roll in to August. 

Added a screenshot today. I'm not sure how you'll enjoy the next update, It's a twist that I have been waiting to add in. Say a hello, leave a word of encouragement, or just leave random gibberish. Have a good day.

I've added new screenshots and a notice about a event bug towards the very end of the game so far. Please leave any bug reports here so I can do everything to resolve for July update.

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Chapter 4 writing, scripting and event editing has started! It will build off the end of Chapter 3 with some questions yet to be explained, you'll uncover more, very soon!