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Heavens Heroes will be back some time over the next few months.

Firstly thank you with all my heart and passion, I had so definitely yearned to offer such a great experience with a game on itch.io that could appeal to many out there.

I'd spent the past 9 months challenging myself, putting together thoughtful ideas and sharing best practice openly and as best as possible. Itch.io is a wonderful platform for indie game makers and I have so very much loved to browse the games here and share some with friends.

If I had one wish then it would be for everyone to have that one hobby to take their mind off life.  I certainly wish all of the game makers here much success and growth. I am finding that monthly updates will only cause frustration for those who are just looking for a game to enjoy on itch that is small and very original. My game did not have the appeal that I worked so hard to attain, mostly the RPG Maker graphics are a surreal barrier and I will continue to fight for the originality of the game itself which is shaping up it's own identity.

Making Heavens Heroes gives me an escape from the hardships, dealing with so many things that have gone wrong. I really enjoy Heavens Heroes: Unite and I am just going to create and shape the world and story without the pressure, I'm very dedicated to continuing the journey, but not like this. The project is only being removed for it to be reborn again in the future and possibly return on to itch.io.

I hope you'll return to finish the story and really enjoy it from start to finish.

Much love and peace to all.


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